The secret to younger looking skin? It lies within your fat

Rejuvenating the skin using the stem cells of our fat is now possible. Our adipose tissue, in fact, is a source of mesenchymal stem cells that have great potential in the field of aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine. For this reason, in addition to the separation and conservation of umbilical cord stem cells, SSCB now offers an innovative service aimed at medical and aesthetic surgery centres.

Basically, during normal liposuction, the adipose tissue is collected in a transport kit and sent to SSCB laboratories with a dedicated courier within 24 hours from the collection. In the laboratory, then, in conditions of utter sterility, mesenchymal stem cells are isolated and characterized, and these can be: returned to the aesthetic surgery clinic for immediate implantation; partly returned for immediate implantation and partially cryopreserved for future use; or completely cryopreserved and stored at SSCB for future use.

The implantation is performed by the aesthetic surgeon through intradermal injections to stimulate new collagen production and give a general rejuvenation to the treated skin. If you are planning a liposuction treatment, then consider this option: just a small amount of subcutaneous fat is enough.

As for the future, there are no doubts: aesthetic medicine will be a regenerative medicine and will be based on stem cells; the activation of the natural regenerative and repairing mechanisms of the body will replace the use of synthetic products.

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